Energy efficiency and aesthetics

K.M.S. windows and doors made of the Kömmerling 76 profile already in the standard version with reinforcement reach a value of Uf = 1.0 W/(m2K), and with minor additions (filling the chamber for reinforcement with insulating foam) and appropriate glazing, it is possible to create elements even up to the value of Uw = 0.73 W/(m2K), surpassing the standards for passive houses. 

With the Kömmerling 88 premium profile system, such and even lower values are already achieved in the basic version, without any accessories.

All our window and door systems are perfectly compatible with the PremiDoor sliding wall program, VariNova shutters and OmbraPlus shutters and shutters, so you can easily upgrade them in almost countless variants, whether you want to fit the joinery into the whole or use it as a unique accent of the overall design of your of the object.