Sunny side of the street

K.M.S. PVC blinds of the VariNova system are prepared in the best way for all installation situations. It does not matter whether it is a new construction or an adaptation, a wall with one or more layers, or a wall with external insulation. 

The boxes come in three heights and two installation depths, and you can choose between PVC or aluminum blinds, with a wide range of individual colors available. The integrated mosquito net can be installed later, without additional modifications. The inspection hatch is downward or inward opening, so it can be adapted to the facility on site.

There are things that are good and correct from the beginning, and to which there seems to be nothing to add with the passage of time. 

A typical example is shutters and shutters, which have not lost any of their excellent functionality and charm from their ancient original form until today. K.M.S. shutters and shutters bring the charm of the Mediterranean into your home